“Gentrifying Nomads” by Aaron M.P. Jackson

Nomad and his family
Have settled in
Jersey City
Off and on
A decade ahead of the rest
Things have changed
Artist lofts
Reinvented as
Luxury lofts
While the local homeless
Dwindle from a once thriving
To an intrepid
Countable on one hand
We are too old to be hipsters
And thus our style has nothing
In common with the
Current alignment of cool
This trend will not last into
Our old age
Nor will our
Renters hold on housing
Last forever
Most gentrifying does not
Take place three blocks
Away from the family church

.       .       .

Aaron M.P. Jackson is the former Poet Laureate of Jersey City, NJ, he has twice been a recipient of grants from the Puffin Foundation. His writing often reflects his dual heritage, with a focus on themes of love, urban existence and all things dog. For more info please visit middlepoet.com.


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