Selections from Clinton Van Inman

“Every Boy’s Hero”

They kept it a major secret like buried
Cuban missiles or the true value of gold,
Never told us that you were just like us.

Even when they paraded you in pinstripes
Or gave you some lucky number
Or put your portrait on corn flakes,

You were every boy’s hero.
We didn’t care about your drinking
Or what went on off the field

Like your illness that ran in the family
Or how you neglected your children
But only cared if you were in the lineup

Because you were a legend our idol
And idols make perfect statues
Like yours they placed in center field.



“Plato’s Cave”

Of course the rooms are filled with shadows
While laser lights and computer programs prove
More cost effective than fire yet the cardboard
Cut-outs and the curtains have remained the same
As well as those old lies that trees are real,
That the way out really goes somewhere,
That math leads more than in circles,
And that the Wizard himself is behind the curtains
Keeping the whole domino world from collapsing.
Yet only a few poets and down and outers dare climb
The arduous way out as most prefer
To sit and talk about food and sports.



“Nothing Real Except…”

Life, liberty and the pursuit of pleasure
The land of wow and holy cow
Gee, I want it now

Nothing real
Except zippers
Zippos, and Zen

And the drumroll
From a million
marching men


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