Photo Series by Wick Beavers

* * *
Wick Beavers is an award winning photographer who specializes mainly in editorial portrait, fashion and conceptual advertising photography. He’s spent the last few years in the hinterlands of New Mexico, working a bit for the Tourism Board, before that in Miami, where he shot for Newsweek, the Daily Beast, Forbes, Penthouse and NY Magazine, as well as for corporate in house and ad agency clientele. He’s also shot for Architectural Digest and other architectural clients like Rock-It Cargo, a band moving moving company.
Wick can’t think of too many things more fun than being let loose with a group of interested and fun looking and creative actors and a camera and some lights.
He is now taking private commissions, making some fun dioramas and shooting for agencies in New England and elsewhere whilst residing in Newport, RI, wondering if next he will go east or west or up.
Please see Wick’s work at and hire him to make you a killer photograph!
cell: 310 467-3359 email:

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