“Life’s New Spin” by Marqus Bobesich

and she interrupts me
herding the chips on my plate
(before my hotdog comes)
then on the beach she’s
just a silhouette
(because of the sunset)
and I’ll think she’s just a mermaid
at first, and how things got
naked (with clothes out windows
and such) I’ll never know
and why we’re staging our own
deaths just to get out of Hollywood
is another one for the vault.
what I meant to say
(when I dialed your number and
changed the course of history) was that
I’ll play guitar under a
flowering bush, and you can twirl in
a long summer dress and
maybe shave my chest when the
park’s not so crowded, and we can
choose to live inland over a life of
heavy correspondence and
moaning through keyholes, and it’ll
be as easy as holding the
receiver to the ocean and letting
those creaky boats say


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