“Linguistics” by Steven Santroni

-Koi No Yokan-
Skylight Books Vermont in May
two strangers traipse through rows of musty heaven
neither foresaw their single alteration
siamese chin up

grape gallivant leads to Santa Barbara hammock
dusk settles in carefree sway leg tangle
eyelash to earlobe to mouth retina food
fingertip hide and seek in strawberry keratin

bottles and bread for supper couples forced laughter
minutia arguments and eye rolls in rows of canned foods
lid umbrella mascara runs and cobblestone tantrums
dew desert that Mojave mirage

multitudes flow with corn and grain
inanimate objects sprout wings
sailors reconvene every bird chirp and eve
makeshift berber bed saturninity

cig drawn sigh under one lamp apathy
shuffle in the brother the sister
retired cartographer coitus
so go so go the sojourners say.


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