“Spank Me!” by Christopher Augustine


Her black back hand and my brown left cheek have had a few arguments in their lifetime.
And every time, her black back hand won.
She would say,
“This hurts me more than it hurts you”.
And to that, my cheek would just say,
“Yeah right, bitch!”

My big brown mouth would then go on and on telling my brown left cheek to stop being such a pussy
and just chill.
“Oh come on. It wasn’t that bad.”
So, my cheek would go into whatever mode, healed, chilled, and relaxed.
But this only allowed my big brown mouth to make its smart ass comments, that were really just stupid
ass remarks to her open 24/7 rounded out ears.
This only made her black back hand and my brown left cheek have another argument.
Guess who won.

His fat black hand had a friend.
Black Belt.
My sorry black ass didn’t like his friend.
But my peach palmed hands didn’t care.
They would continuously steal, hit, push, flip, whatever it wanted.
Yet, his fat black hand and friend, black belt didn’t go on to punish the hands.
They punished my sorry black ass.
My peach palmed hands never cared.
And went on doing it’s thing.


My mouth got bigger
My cheeks grew further apart
My hands expanded
And my ass grew out.
My age number got larger and some things just stopped….
And some things just started.

Her black back hand and my brown left cheek didn’t argue anymore.
And his fat black hand and friend, black belt ended their relationship and my ass was no longer directly
They started doing things a little differently.
They both punished my whole body with one thing,


Christopher…Now, explain to me, why did you feel the need to do this?
that came out their mouths,
I am very disappointed in you
and entered my ears
You know I have taught you so much better than this…
spanked the HELL out of my brain.
Those words made me think.
Think about how I never want to hear those words ever again.

And every part of my body had these feelings of wrong, sadness, disappointment as the words replay
through my body, at such a rapid pace, making my whole body want to shut down.
Yet, the only way to prevent that was to stop the actions that caused it in the first place.

People say actions speak louder than words.
I don’t totally agree.
‘Cause every time they decide to use words as their form of punishment,
My sorry black ass just screams,
“Spank me!”


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