“Motherhood-ness” by Diana Toma

“Motherhood-ness is a glimpse inside the conflictual nature of parenting, a psychological battle between who you hope to be and who you fail to be. With a humorous attempt at de-glorifying struggle, I offer the viewer another way to relate with the subject and embrace the experience of being a mother.”

Diana Toma is a Romanian visual artist currently living and creating in Atlanta, Georgia. Deeply influenced by the European culture but enriched with American flavor her style arrived at a unique cross between the elegance of classics and the spontaneity of street art. Traditional yet contemporary, Diana loves to explore across mediums, observing the human body and organic forms and interpreting her findings through color and spontaneous brushwork. Her work brings a sense of wonder and engages the viewer at an emotional level. Diana’s quest is to move, touch and delight the audience, engaging it to participate as the subject matter. “When you look at my art ask yourself: If you could imagine yourself within the painting, how would you feel? What would you be?”
Exhibiting in both Europe and continental USA, Diana’s artworks can be found in Romanian public institutions and in private collections locally and abroad. Diana has been engaging with the art community since 1995 participating in countless art projects, art camps and art-festivals, and showcasing her work in over fifty Group Exhibitions and five Solo Art Shows. Diana holds a Master Degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Romanian University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. In 2013 Diana was selected from 36 international artists to create a sketch for US Open Tennis Championships 2013 Theme Art, being commissioned by the USTA to create a new line of tees reproducing her original work of art for the US Open 2013.
© Diana Toma 2014

cross-media, 22×28 inches

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