“Shaun’s Mother” by Jacob Shelton

Shaun hadn’t seen his mother since she decided to sell the family home and disappear to Indochina after his father died. Was it Indochina? That’s Thailand right? Maybe she moved to Japan. That sounds right, or at least more accurate than Thailand. I can’t keep up with every character in every story that I write, especially characters that move around as much as Shaun’s mom. In the past five years she’s been all over Asia, parts of Russia, Australia, and she’s actually been in the states for three months but she hasn’t told Shaun about it because she doesn’t know if she wants to see him. After her husband died she kind of had this whole rebirth thing, she even began to refer to herself as “Margarite”, instead of “Margarete.” It’s a small change but you should see her face when she says “Margarite,” it’s like someone flipped a switch and turned on every star in an otherwise pitchblack night.

Shaun didn’t notice his mother sitting across from him in the café that he had picked as a safe meeting spot. It technically doubled as if office and he should have been working but he could spare an hour or so for his mom. Margarite gave him ten minutes but he didn’t notice the woman with peacock feathers in her hair sitting alone and sipping espresso, watching the other patrons bang on their laptops and stare at their phones. Shaun gave it ten minutes and when his mother didn’t show he didn’t bother to call, he figured this would happen. He checked his email for the thirty-seventh time that day as his mother stepped out onto the sidewalk. Nobody stopped her as she floated into the sky, no one even noticed.


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