“Big Bang Theory” by Charlie O’Hay

Science tells us everything
in the universe is moving further
from everything else.

You try to hold that thought
but It is already moving away from you.
The way a ring flees a bell. The way
a splash swims away from a fish.

We are further apart than we were
yesterday, the rope between us
stretching back to the day we met.

You reach for a pen, a phone, a knife,
but they elude you. You shout at me
from across a postage stamp
but I cannot make out the words.

* * *

Since 1987, Charlie O’Hay’s work has appeared in over 100 literary publications including The New York Quarterly, Cortland Review, Gargoyle, West Branch, and Mudfish. In 1995, he received a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts fellowship in poetry. His first collection of poems and photographs, “Far from Luck,” was published in 2011 by Lucky Bat Books (Reno, NV) and is available in both print and Kindle formats via Amazon.com.


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