“Mirrors” by Nina Knorr

Slip on your knickers, girl.
You’re a mad woman, too.
Some days I wake up,
I look just like you.

Put on your make up, girl.
Your face isn’t good enough the way it is.
How do you ever expect
To get a job like this?

Lose 10 pounds, girl.
Your ass is too big to fit into that size 3.
You have to lose that weight,
If you want to succeed.

Get a man, girl.
Let him treat you like shit.
Sometimes I think–
You talk to get hit.

Tell me one thing, girl.
Girl, I’m talking to you.
She’s thinking—
The world is so thick headed I can hardly move through.

Unbutton another button on your shirt, girl
Come on, show some cleavage.
I want you to work this floor,
Like your mama never taught you about Jesus.

Be just like your mother, girl.
She did it all—look how she turned out.
Sometimes I’m not so sure
What you’re complaining about.

Break the ceiling, girl.
It’s only glass.
You can see the other side,
But you just keep shaking that ass.


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