Support Group by Sara Toruño-Conley

For hours I wait. For houses
long and lined
along the stony shore.

Few items in this life
make my ______ ______:

1. 3 was always my number
not lucky, just a number.
2. The germs meant more to me
than a number.
3. Dying, I was scared to die.
My mother had to wake too early
to force me out the door.
4. My family was a disease.

Repetition is safe, sure as the dull thump
of a heart, a rib cage.

Where does the mind go when the body’s on vacation?
For hours I wait like bits of stars in the bath water,
the way a pigeon juts its head forward over and over.


Sara Toruño-Conley is an English professor at Los Medanos College in northern California and the Poetry Review Editor for Boxcar Poetry Review, a quarterly online literary journal.  She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside.  Sara’s  poems have appeared or are forthcoming in some of the following publications: Forge, The Café Review, Found: Fiction and Poetry Anthology, Ginosko, Modoc Independent News (Winner of the Surprise Valley Poetry Prize, April 2009), Eclectica, The CommonLine Project, Temenos, and Monday Nigh

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