Another Love Poem by Sara Toruño-Conley

Alone in Beijing
bewildered by the number of beds turned

upside down, my strangers sleeping

at the bottom of the Earth (or top
depending on how we look at it).

Washing dishes in used water. I miss you.
So we sleep, a crooked, large shack of us, two to a bed,
one looking through the cracked roof,
trying to find the stars.

In the daylight I search for your number,
ask an elderly one for a pen,
something to help me remember.

Sara Toruño-Conley is an English professor at Los Medanos College in northern California and the Poetry Review Editor for Boxcar Poetry Review, a quarterly online literary journal. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside. Sara’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in some of the following publications: Forge, The Café Review, Found: Fiction and Poetry Anthology, Ginosko, Modoc Independent News (Winner of the Surprise Valley Poetry Prize, April 2009), Eclectica, The CommonLine Project, Temenos, and Monday Nigh


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