“Lingo” by Nels Hanson

“Hey Waco, tell Frenchy
to guard the Kraut –”
                    Bogart in Sahara

Ah, pure American, no pulled
punches, cock and bull. Shoot
from the hip, straight talk, tell

it like it is, in language all nick
names, true names, between guys,
no jerks allowed. Eight ball side

pocket. Just the facts, Mam. Shut
that door! Don’t kid me. I’ll put
out your headlights. See Dick

run. A did B to C, hammer and
nail, in the way no abstract noun,
while or but, dependent clause.

Hit the gas. Pop the cork. Keep
it simple. Do I have to draw you
a picture? After we die, do you

think we live again, in this or any
world? Don’t get all complicated.
Christ, just watch the ball game.

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