Contraposition is a digital and print based literary magazine. Our print volumes are released biannually and sometimes carry a theme. Info about upcoming volumes can be found on our Home page and Facebook.

Our web selection is a rolling, non-themed anthology.

Please send online works to contraposition.submissions@gmail.com

And send print works to contraposition.print@gmail.com

The aim of this magazine is to help foster the regrowth of poetry and the visual arts in the digital age. “The Brick Wall” section is our solution to the issue of  inaccessible performance poetry and storytelling on demand.

We accept pieces from anyone and everyone. We also take multiple submissions (within reason). We reserve the right to use accepted pieces on this site indefinitely (author consent will be requested for any additional usage).

Formed in 2013, Contraposition is an independent publication so feel free to email questions to Nathan Black Rupp or Ev Malcolm, whose addresses are listed below.

You can buy our magazine on Amazon.com or Lulu.com

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive updates about upcoming deals and contests.


Nathan black Rupp (nblackrupp@gmail.com)
Ev “Fracas” Malcolm (efitzmalcolm@gmail.com)


Chelsea Rennhoff          Patrick Fallon          Gem Blackthorn

13 thoughts on “About

  1. I still do not understand exactly what kind of art you are looking for. I know two young men who do incredible pen ink drawings. if you direct me a little more I’d like to send you some drawings. Thanks, sounds interesting, JDF

    • We are very open minded about what we are looking for. Send them in! The work Luke did is exemplar of what we want.


    • We are doing our best. Our first print edition is coming out this fall!
      Tell everyone we need as much press as we can!

  2. Are you interested in comedic/satirical nonfiction? I have several ‘faux-news’ stories I could send in for consideration.

  3. Hello. I just purchased a John Maguire photo 10/75. I am trying to find out more about it am having a hard time. I was completly drawn to this and would really love to know more about the meaning. Signed John Maguire in gold.

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