“Immortality” by Kelly Smith

ecstatic joy awaits you
like the curled tongue
of a Kechari Mudra
the sweet nectar
of freedom
bliss does not lie dormant
as an incubate diamond
it is happiness
in the rush of green
after the Monsoons of Kasuali
this joy
is everpresent
in moments
a stone skips
lightly across the still lips
of the The Chalkudy River
ecstasy is yours
a dawning
a constant rising
the envelope
that embraces
a Sanksrit poem
of Love
your life
is not large enough
to contain the fountain
of honey that flows
through the haunches
and bones
of the Brahman
fly with me
into the milky Universe
to the One that is waiting
in the wilderness
of your own heart

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